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  • Haus painted in 1953


The villa was built in 1933. Back then, the property was located within the meadow grounds far away from the city. The owner, the son of the Erhardt family, who own a bookstore in Badstrasse in Fuerth, invested in a sturdy building of the villa as well as a large-scale, picturesque garden and park facility. The aquarell, from 1953, shows the nice property in spring. The picture wars commissioned  by Th. Bachmaier from Clara Clifford, wife of Lt.Col. A.E. Clifford.


We purchased the building from its heirs in June 2007. We started to renovate and refurbish the house, but wanted to keep its ground plan and basic elements as well as the park with its high trees in its original state. In addition, we build some highlights like sculptures, a well and free seating for us and our guests. In October 2007, we started to equip and furnish the renovated historic rooms. On Christmas of 2007, the Boehme family celebrated the moving in.

In 2008,

the attic was developed and the sanitary facilities were completely renewed or supplemented. During that time, our guest rooms, the lounge and fireplace room were opened. Our first guests during the summer of 2008 stayed for a couple of weeks already, so we complemented our offer for ‘temporary living’. Olga Boehme-Wolf opened her piano school ‘Piano-Wolf’ in a pleasant music room in our villa’s east wing. We finally get the city’s permission to run our 1930s style Bed & Breakfast Inn Villa Boehme in the summer, which we celebrated in August 2008 in our garden.

In 2009,

we finalized the renovation and started our Bed & Breakfast advertisement.
We must take a break, as our dauther Caroline was born in 2009.

In 2010

we developed our internet presence. It is one of our main targets to host and support foreign guests and fair participants.

In 2012

The corttage in the garden is builded with a deck and sauna


Newly furnished breakfast room


Carport built


Key safe for self check in


Corona lockdown, the B&B closed for 6 month 

Expansion of the smart home and alarm system for more security and energy savings



Secound Year with Corona related lockdown's, B&B partly, only for business travel opend.
Renovation of the pension rooms begins.

The property receives its own deep well from 29m come 4000 liters per hour. An irrigation system is being laid with 300m water pipes and 10 control units for adequate automated irrigation of the park with the beds, trees and meadows.

Third Year with Corona related limitation's.
The renovation on the upper floor will be completed as soon as possible. The rooms have become more modern and friendlier. There is the first price adjustment after 10 years.

In spring the 2nd generation of bees will settle in the garden.

From March there are a wallbox established for charging electric cars.

The staircase on to the first floor has been renovated and the curved wooden staircase has been refreshed. The Sunshine Room also gets a new look!

Now the first room can be booked at hotel platform. 

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