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Villa Böhme

Bed & Breakfast
Reichsbodenweg 55
D-90768 Fürth Bayern

Mobil: +49(0) 179 7698 795

Tel. +49 (0)911 6479104

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Terms and Conditions ( German AGB's)

The room aviable from 3PM ad the day you  will arive.
We hold the resarvation until 6 PM.

Late arivale must aggreed with us. If not we can make new dispositions after 6pm with the rooms.

Cancalations for free until 3 days before arival.

Later upto other bookings, we will charge 25% of the room rates.

If you are not inform us until 12 AM atr arival day, we must charge you with 50% of the room rates.

Please pay cash!

Checkout until 11 AM.

If You like to stay in the room please make aagreement with us.IN the rule we will charge you with 50% if you extent your stay at the checkout day later as 2PM.

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Villa Böhme - Bed & Breakfast - Reichsbodenweg 55 - D 90762 Fürth

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